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Friday, October 1, 2010

Potential Blog Features!

Here are a few ideas of things I'll write on this blog.

Random Thought of the Day!
(Pretty much what it sounds like)

Daily Photo of Me!
(Would go along with random thought, and most of the time relate to the thought.)

"I think the world would be better place if..."
(You'd have to see it to appreciate it.)

Weekly Life Hack.
(A featured pic of a life hack)

Talk to Pykes!
(An occasional interview with fellow Bloggers about various topics)

Also here's a few various things I may add to the blog.

A Music Player
(You know, for music and what not!)

Adsense ticker
(One that'll show how much money you mindless peons , my loyal and appreciated fans are making me.)

Go ahead and tell me what you think of these ideas if you like!
Just throw me a comment, and I'll smile!


  1. Alright, a sample random thought for you loyal friends/peons!

    Everyone knows that if you pour Pepsi into a Coke bottle the world will end, but what if you pour Coke into a Pepsi bottle. Will the world be freed of all disease and plague, or will it just be the same as the opposite scenario?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Do random thought, that would be awesome.

  4. dude whats with the background, its annoing

  5. Life hacks are always worth a read.
    I'll follow you.

  6. Also, you can turn of the captcha on commenting in your settings.

  7. i'd say photos of you with the thought. just because im so damn curious.

  8. Alright, best of luck mate. Hope you do well. Just be sure to keep the content high! F the posers!