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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 3: The Realization

Ladies, and Gentlemen, it has become painfully obvious to me that I couldn't possibly do a blog post every single day, so instead I'll probably do one every other day. Even though I should be going to college this very minute I took the time to cater to your needs, because that's how much I care! So let's get this show on the road already!

RanNnnDDndom thought of the day!

Don't shower late at night. Don't shower as late as 3am. Don't shower as late as 3am when you're baked! You WILL fall asleep with wet hair, and WILL wake up looking like a crazy person! The only way this is acceptable is if you have nothing to do that day, or anyone to see that day. If this ever happens, make sure you have a damn good brush, and don't expect to look any good still!

Case and point...
(Hopefully I have a hat...)

Today's special soup is cream of...
Will it roll down the stairs?!
Today, I happened to have a Sunny D bottle, and wondered how far it would travel down a staircase. Needless to say, it's a fairly round bottle, so I had high hopes for it's flight! On the first trial, the one where I let the curve of the first step roll it, it smoothly went down each step like a champ. Trial #2, the one where I roll it from about a foot away, it skipped the last few steps, and slid across the dining room, scaring the hell out of my dog. Trial #3, the one where I hurl it at the first step, I threw at a bit too high of an angle, and basically threw the bottle at the floor downstairs. I'm surprised the bottle didn't break!

That's all for today's rapid-fire feature, but leave a comment placing your bet on if you think I'll make it to school on time or not!

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